A New Day Begins

Okay, Just updates to keep my mind sane. I've been doing weddings, DJ gigs and such. I've started a company that does these types of bookings. It's been a great experience but I've realized that it detracts from what I really want to do and that is my ionmatika project. I think things get complicated because of life sometimes. It's struggle to figure out what to do next sometimes. I've decided to step back from posting anything on social media but I am still recording things. The best thing to do is collect my thoughts and go forward with this project. I guess it's been nice to find my sound and think about what I'm putting in the public space. I really do have some cool art that I've been working on. At the very least it's exciting for me. I'm going to plan to pick up some other social media apps. Twitch, mixx cloud, soundcloud and youtube. It's not always easy to run everything and create everything on your own but I think I've got a process. I'll be looking for people to fill those locations in my company. Oh yeah did I mention that ionmatika, LLC is now a thing! Very exciting! Tons of small steps to make a huge one in life. Things are great!