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ionmatika is an electronic experiment in music focused on Techno, Electro house, and Elektro music. Influenced by 80's/90's punk / rock / alternative music. Detroit 89x was his favorite radio station as a kid. Pulling inspiration from Smashing pumpkins, Depeche Mode, Green Day, and various others. One of his most recent influences on his music is Kaskade, Deadmau5, F.O.O.L., Max Cooper, Tokimonster, Green Velvet, and Flying Lotus. Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, music was always a huge passion. Listening to Daft Punk in a barn was a common occurrence. These nightly "raves" were what made him want to get into music.

He's played various venues, & festivals. More than 100+ private parties as a DJ/MC and still booking on a weekly basis. Some of his mixes and every day life is posted on YouTube & Instagram. You can find him streaming on Mixcloud or Twitch at events. 


The goal of the ionmatika project is to create an artistic sound through analog gear. Music found on Soundcloud, Tidal, and Spotify. Visual effects are a huge part of the show in order to build a universe experience like non other. Communication through various art forms like digital, music, and visuals. Painting a picture of space, future, and conceptualization of reality.

s: soundcloud.com/ionmatika
i: instagram.com/ionmatika
y: youtube.com/@ionmatika
t: twitch.tv/ionmatika