About Ionmatika

Ionmatika is a project from the workshop of Matthew Hautamaki who is a Music Producer, Graphic Designer & DJ.

An electronic experiment in House, Techno, Neovintage, Retro Future, & Om Step. His sound stems from growing up listening to synth 80's music. Growing up in the mid west suburbs of Detroit he was influenced by motown sounds. Later to find French House and Techno.

His studio is located in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. He's played various venues such as Bardot. Festivals such as Boogaloo. Maintaining a live stream on Twitch.

The goal of the Ionmatika project is to create an artistic world built in outer space. Displayed through music, art & science. Ionmatika is a character, a space traveler who resides on his ship "The Nightingale". The songs created are meant to represent Ionmatika's epic tale.

I couldn't do this without you the fans... you are as much of this project as my team... Thank you.

Matthew Hautamaki

s: soundcloud.com/ionmatika
b: bandcamp.com/ionmatika
i: instagram.com/ionmatika
f: facebook.com/ionmatika
t: twitter.com/ionmatika

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