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Social Media is evil

  I'm tired of playing the rat race of social media. It's like being the content provider for a site... I'm just filling in the data for these people. I want to bring my posts here on my website. Yes, I realize that the accessibility will be a challenge but with so many other artists that are just posting for likes and paying fake people for likes... I figure I'm not really missing out on much. I've decided to go forward with my partners like soundcloud and youtube. I think these are the most profitable and they give me the most pleasure updating. It's sometimes good to say NO to social media and in this case... I've deleted the apps...

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Going to the moon

Yesterday... I was watching Mr. Beast and he was sending a hard drive to the moon!!... Really excited to post my photo for all those aliens out there. If you want to get your photo on the moon... there is still time.

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Social Media is addicting and I need to stop!

With the corona virus and riots I've decided to spend more time on YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Patreon, and my Website.  I'm taking a break from Instagram & Facebook for now. That is until I can approach a better plan for promoting on those platforms. You have to remember I don't currently have a team to help with everything that I'm working on.

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