The Future is Backwards is awesome and why am I finding it only now!?!?!

Some of us can remember a time when we stared at a green screen with a command line in front of us to access data. Maybe you code currently and love it so much you find yourself creating code in your free time. If so, than I have a website for you. is a command line music player that uses its services to search and find new music. Whilst  using a custom command line. If you are not aware of this... You've been informed. Fuck the Spotify's of this world. Apple doesn't need another app and Google can go fuck itself. Microsoft I don't even need to guess to know you're up to no good and frankly our government is watching our every move for some odd reason?!?!?! That aside... This is the single most epic website I have stumbled across in years and I've had my fun. 

Start by typing in fm and a myriad of genres are at your finger tips. Choose one and let it rip! Play something you want to hear and... savor this...

Long gone is the day when we were disconnected... when there was no online... with these funny things called floppy disks that ran programs. Before wifi, fiber optics, 56k, 28.8k, and 3800. Typing in every string of code. We are no longer the DMOS's of the world with our Gui 2.0 bullshit. I've got a secret... We are now living in the future of this monstrosity that has become integrated into our daily activities that we hardly notice it's in our very psyche. Though I digress... If you crave that familiar stench of must visit Only the greatest music player known to mankind. Enjoy it's lack of a GUI and maybe you can have a retro day like I've had. ;P

For fuck sakes we played square games that looked like lightbright™ with flashing pixels!