Today I want to make a movie

This urge to do something different has really spurred from the fact that I have to stay inside for a long time because of the virus. I'm not really convinced that people should be going outside every day during this time. The Spanish flu killed more on the second wave and I'm convinced that history will repeat itself. Hopefully I'm wrong and we can all get back to a "normal".

In any case I really want to build something. I've been playing with the ideas of a film or a video game. Possibly both... I think the first steps are to start writing a script. Once that's done... I can start collecting all the music for it. I have quite a few recordings that will fit nicely into a full length film. I'll work on what I can and when I'm ready I'll find the people that can help me accomplish this.

Till that day though I'm still in the studio figuring out how to make my music. I've been working on this whole production for 6 years. It's been really fun but it's been a struggle. Hopefully with my VIP page I will be able to fund my projects in the future. The past few weeks I've been working to complete my studio. Videos are coming soon and I've probably redone the studio 5 times... I just want it perfect for production. I feel like I'm building a machine! Here are some photos of the current studio:

Only a few more weeks and it will be complete!