What's going on?

I've been planning a bunch for next year. There's a bunch to be released. I have videos, photos, and a few shows that I am picking up. We plan to have a show in March and that's taking a bunch of time to plan. I'm also planning on having a show in July. There's just a bunch to get done. I need to find better ways to make and retain fans. It's been a long haul but I'm finally ready to show the world what I've been working on. The music is flowing pretty good and I should be done within 3 months. 2024 is looking very excited as I look at it with excitement. Planning is drawn for about 2 years and still figuring out most of the fine tune things. It's a ton of data that is going through my mind at the moment and the bandwidth is wide but I really just want to get back in the studio to finish up some items. I hope everyone reading this is excited to finally see what's going on.